Service cost

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Amount 1-5 6-10 11-50 51-100 101-500 from 500
Cost 365rub 260rub 105rub 88rub 55rub 33rub
  • Attention! The cost of foiling does not include the cost of clichés and products.
  • Production time: within 3 days after the approval of the layout.
  • Making clichés (magnesium) − 1 cm2 is 30 rubles. The minimum cost of a cliché is 1,650 rubles.
  • Additional services:
  • When foiling customer's products, it is necessary to make additional 1-2 copies for fitting and selecting an equipment mode.
  • Foiling finished products (paper bags, packaging, plastic, boxes), as requested by a customer.
  • Packing and unpacking products: from 1 rub/pce

Examples of works

Hot foiling

This method of application has become a tradition. Foil is applied to various materials with a press.

Foil is produced in various versions for

  • cardboard and paper;
  • plastics, including products from polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, A.B.S., etc.;
  • chamois and leather.

Making clichés and advantages of their use.

Foiling and cliché making is a very popular service, invaluable for companies, which want to make their products or their advertising the most attractive and at the maximum acceptable cost.

A magnesium cliché is a special type of printing which enables thermal transfer of metal impression from a special film to paper or to other flat surfaces. There is always a unique impression on the material, namely: your company logo or the name of the product you are promoting, which is characterized by clear outlines and bright image. The target audience will definitely pay attention to this!

Magnesium clichés are often used for promotional purposes. The advantages are high performance and reasonable cost, which enables to significantly save the advertising budget of the customer’s enterprise. Such a product is believed to be made even by unskilled people, because the production process does not involve graphic programs. Despite this fact, our company employs exceptional highly qualified specialists. Thus, we are fully responsible for the result and guarantee efficiency.

Specialists of our company know all the secrets of blind and hot stamping, and do their job superbly. They can make clichés from such materials as: photopolymer, zinc, magnesium, copper, brass, steel, silicone, at your option. It is possible to modify the image at extra charge. You will be able to significantly retain and enhance the prestige of your company in the local or foreign markets! We work quickly and for the sake of your success.