Service cost

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Form Amount
Up to 30 Up to 31
Round Ø32 мм 190rub 115rub
Round Ø58 мм 200rub 125rub
Rectangular (70х25мм) 195rub 130rub
In the shape of a heart 195rub 130rub
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  • Production time: next day after the order.
  • Express production: up to 30 pieces: 5 hours. Express production increases the cost by 100%.

  • Layout design for souvenirs
Form Cost
Round Ø32 мм 165rub Order online
Round Ø58 мм 185rub Order online
Rectangular 175rub Order online
In the shape of a heart 175rub Order online

Layout design for souvenirs

Name of service Cost
Layout design (easy) of 50rub
Layout design (not very difficult) of 300rub
Layout design (pretty hard) of 500rub
Layout design (hard) of 1 000rub
Layout design (very difficult) of 2 500rub
Layout design (over hard) of 5 000rub

*the price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity and volume of work


Examples of works:

Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото Значки с фото

Badges are attractive and functional souvenir products that can be used as decorative elements, advertising tools or ordinary badges. Our company sells several types of badges, printing all sorts of images. You can order a badge with a personal photo, a photo of animals, objects, landscapes, a company logo or other advertising information.

This product is a round rolled-up image with a pin on a rare side for fastening. Our company manufactures heart-shaped, rectangular and round badges, in two sizes: 32 and 58 mm.

It should be noted that these products are used in a variety of situations. Badges with logos are used when conducting various seminars, conferences, business meetings.

Products with corporate information are quite effective advertising media. They can be used for organizing exhibitions, promotions and other public events.

Badge is a fairly convenient and practical accessory. It can be used to identify shopping centers, large companies and other similar institutions employees. In addition, such products are often used as decorative elements and ornaments, and a heart-shaped badge is the best gift for beloved ones for St. Valentine’s Day!

Today badges with symbols of fashionable music groups, photos of idols, logos of various public organizations are very popular. Our specialists will fulfill any order, ensuring the excellent quality of its results. Printing appropriate images on the souvenirs, we are always attentive to customers wishes and suggestions and use modern equipment along with high-quality materials. This makes it possible to guarantee the highest possible image quality.

If you need to order a badge with your own photo, your company logo, symbols of any social movement or another image – just contact us!