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The cost of printing on diaries

Number of copies* Cost
From 100 pcs 140rub
From 50 pcs 180rub
From 30 pcs 230rub
Up to 30 pcs 300rub
  • Production time : Up to 30 pcs during the day, more than 30 pcs 1-2 days.
  • *+1 day planner is necessary for press preparation for printing
  • Printing is carried out on customer’s day planners only
  • Additional services:
  • Printing on both sides increases the cost by 100%.
  • Printing on day planners is made by UV-print method.

Wholesale Layout design for souvenirs

Layout design for souvenirs

Name of service Cost
Layout design (easy) of 50rub
Layout design (not very difficult) of 300rub
Layout design (pretty hard) of 500rub
Layout design (hard) of 1 000rub
Layout design (very difficult) of 2 500rub
Layout design (over hard) of 5 000rub

*the price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity and volume of work

Examples of works:

Ежедневники с логотипом Ежедневники с логотипом Ежедневники с логотипом Ежедневники с логотипом

Resolute, active business people are aware of the importance of the ability to properly manage time. The day planner will be an excellent corporate souvenir for presenting to your partners at the meeting.

And although in our time there are technologies and electronic gadgets with a planning function, many people still prefer simple day planners. Therefore, the service of applying logos to the day planners is so popular today - the original design of these items allows the company to show their individuality. There is one more advantage - a day planner will never let you down, its battery will not run down, it will not break at the wrong moment.

We do not offer you ready-made type day planners. You choose the products that you like best and bring them to us for subsequent printing.

Believe, day planners with the company logo are a great advertisement for you! You can use a regular, everyday item for marketing purposes, because the cover you can also have contact details, brief information about the company and much more. Printing is made by UV printing.

Such a gift will remind your customers about you throughout their use. That is why it is worth ordering printing on day planners!