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Photo Description Cost
Колонка музыкальная черная Column "Bermuda"
Composition - coated plastic soft-touch
Print box - 10 х 4,6 cm
Dimensions -10,7 х 3,6 х 5,4 cm
Color - black, white
Application method- UV printing
1815 RUB.
Печать на квадратных прихватках
Column "Bermuda"
1815 RUB.
Composition: coated plastic soft-touch
Print box: 10 х 4,6 cm
Dimensions: 10,7 х 3,6 х 5,4 cm
Color: black, white
Application method: UV printing
  • Production time: the day after the order is made.
  • Urgent production: within 3 hours after order confirmation. In urgent manufacturing, the cost increases by 100%.

For wholesale clients Layout design for souvenirs

Layout design for souvenirs

Name of service Cost
Layout design (easy) of 50rub
Layout design (not very difficult) of 300rub
Layout design (pretty hard) of 500rub
Layout design (hard) of 1 000rub
Layout design (very difficult) of 2 500rub
Layout design (over hard) of 5 000rub

*the price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity and volume of work

Column Options:

Печать на колонках Печать на колонках Печать на колонках Печать на колонках

Example of works:

Печать на колонках Печать на колонках

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