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Format Dimensions Print box Single-sided printing Two-sided printing
A3 30x40x13 cm 27х37 650 RUB. 1105 RUB.
A4 23x36x10 cm 20х33 550 RUB. 935 RUB.
For a bottle 11x34x9 cm 8х31 500 RUB. 850 RUB.
“Mini” gift bag 19x23x9 cm 15х20 450 RUB. 800 RUB.
  • Production time: the day after the layout is approved.
  • Urgent production: within 3 hours. In urgent manufacturing, the cost increases by 100%.
    Composition: Coated paper 200 g / m2, matte lamination.
Layout design for souvenirs