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Bookmarks 250 RUB.
  • Production time: the day after the layout is approved.
  • Urgent production: within 3 hours. In urgent manufacturing, the cost increases by 100%.
  • Composition: plastic
  • Dimensions: 12,5 х 6,5 х 0,2 cm.
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For wholesale clients

This section of our online store presents the widest selection of bookmarks, where you will find products for books with any parameters for a reasonable price. You can purchase both finished products and order bookmark printing according to the characteristics you need. You can buy souvenir bookmarks from us, products with a logo, branded goods, etc. The classic version is printed on plastic, the dimensions of such a product are almost identical to the size of a business cards. Our printing house prints bookmarks for books and other formats, for example:

  • On a plastic base with original form cutting, with a tongue (used to fix the page).
  • Bookmarks for books printed on designer paper with special colors, it can be a special varnish, gold or silver paint.
  • Original products of various shapes and sizes, from narrow stripes to magnetic cards and so on.

We can create the product using the ready-made layout or come up with a design ourselves, it all depends on your wishes.

Why us?

Making bookmarks on a professional basis and their sale is one of the most important areas of our business, we guarantee a high-quality result, accurate delivery of products regardless of the required volume. Working with us is beneficial for other reasons:

  • Bookmarks made for books are of high quality.
  • We have a flexible pricing policy. The final cost depends on the complexity of the work, volume and design.
  • We make additional discounts for regular customers.
  • We guarantee delivery of your lot, regardless of its volume, right on time.

As you can see, working with us is really beneficial. Buy bookmarks as a souvenir at the best prices in Moscow!

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