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Ballpoint pen (plastic)

Quantity Cost with pens
from 5 to 10 pcs 180rub.
from 11 pcs 100rub.

Sample Pens:

Color: red
Color: black
Color: blue
  • Production time: to up 100pcs next day after placing the order, more than 100pcs - 3 days.
  • Express production: up to 20 pieces - 5 hours. Express production increases the cost by 100%.
  • The ink color in all pens is blue.
  • Minimum order - from 5 pcs.

Layout design for souvenirs

Name of service Cost
Layout design (easy) of 50rub
Layout design (not very difficult) of 300rub
Layout design (pretty hard) of 500rub
Layout design (hard) of 1 000rub
Layout design (very difficult) of 2 500rub
Layout design (over hard) of 5 000rub

*the price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity and volume of work

Layout design for souvenirs

Examples of works

Печать на ручкахПечать на ручкахПечать на ручках

UV printing is one of the ways of applying images to any kinds of surfaces by means of specialized inks, which, after hardening under the influence of UV rays, form a durable film with high-quality transfer of all colors.
The most common use is printing on plastic products: pens, phone cases, flashlights, flash drives, etc.
Now more than ever before, souvenirs with the company’s logo are in high demand. This allows the enterprise to unobtrusively advertise its products or services and become more recognizable. In addition, such products give the brand solidity and raise its prestige among competitors. “Kopirka” company offers its customers UV printing on pens, cups and other items that are used in the office and can be presented as a gift to current or potential customers and partners. The production process allows you to make products in small and medium editions, which is convenient and beneficial for any business.
We want to clarify that the most appropriate image for applying to souvenirs is considered to be a branded image of the company. Printing can be carried out on surfaces of any size and even on roll consumables. At the same time, UV printing has a low cost and high resistance to abrasion, if compared to other types of image application. A pen with a logo or any other object will remind of you for a long time, which will help attract new customers and increase your income.

Gift package options

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Sample №2

Sample №3