Service cost

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Key fob type Amount
to up 30 to up 31
Acrylic key fobs 165 rub. 105 rub.
  • Production time: next day after the order.
  • Express production:900 pieces: 5 hours. Express production increases the cost by 100%.

Layout design for souvenir products

Layout design for souvenirs

Name of service Cost
Layout design (easy) of 50rub
Layout design (not very difficult) of 300rub
Layout design (pretty hard) of 500rub
Layout design (hard) of 1 000rub
Layout design (very difficult) of 2 500rub
Layout design (over hard) of 5 000rub

*the price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity and volume of work

Key fob type Cost
Car number 250 rub.
Motorcycle number 300 rub.
  • Production time: 1 day
  • Express manufacturing +100% to the order’s cost


Examples of works:

Изготовление Брелоков Изготовление Брелоков Изготовление Брелоков Изготовление Брелоков Изготовление Брелоков

A key fob with a photo is a great gift for your beloved ones for all occasions and a glamorous souvenir for a business partner. At the same time, it is very practical - it serves as an accessory for the keys.

Practically any image can be placed on the fobs. These can be personal photos or various thematic pictures. In this case, the fobs are usually ordered as a gift for different occasions. The fobs with company logos are also popular. It is a great promotional material for distribution to partners and customers. Such souvenirs are effectively used during advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and improve the company image.

“Kopirka” network copying centers in St. Petersburg can offer you key fobs with the almost any images and photos of excellent quality. The shape of the product can vary. We make rectangular, round, heart shaped key fobs. It is possible to develop an individual design in accordance with the wishes of a customer.

Place the orders with “Kopirka” for only high-quality souvenirs for your beloved ones and for business!