The leading Moscow "Kopirka" copying and printing centers network provides express photo printing from digital media, as well as brushing and duplication, provides professional services for printing digital photos in any format - from express ID photos to A4, A3, A2, and A0 formats.

Service cost

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Photo printing in professional photo lab Fujifilm LP 5700R

Matte/Glossy Paper Embossed paper
Format Cost Cost
1 day* Express 1 day* Express
10х15 8,50rub. 25rub. 15,00rub. 30,00rub.
15х21 28,00rub. 50,00rub. 30,00rub. 60,00rub.
21х30 55,00rub. 150,00rub. 85,00rub. 170,00rub.
30х40 115,00rub. 275,00rub. 160,00rub. 320,00rub.
30х60 185,00rub. 400,00rub. 220,00rub. 440,00rub.
Additional services
  • Production time: the next day after ordering.
  • Express production: 3 hours.
  • Minimum amount for ordering: 170,00 rubles.
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Format Cost
Matte Glossy
А6 (10х15) 25 rub.
А5 (15х21) 50 rub.
А4 (21х30) 120 rub.
А3 (30х40) 250 rub.
А2 (42х59,4) 980 rub. 1090 rub.
А1 (59,4х84,1) 1380 rub. 1580 rub.
А0 (84,1х118,9) 2800 rub. 3200 rub.
  • Jet photo printing is executed only in the network offices.

Additional services

The name of service Cost
Photo retouching (excluding the price for printing) from 500rub*
Background replacement (excluding the price for printing) 300rub
Photo correction (lightening, color balance, saturation, red-eye removal, etc.) 30rub/pcs.
Duplication of photo 10x15 100rub
Duplication of photo 15x21 120rub
Duplication of photo 21x30 230rub

*The price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity of the retouching ordered

Examples of works

All "Kopirka" company copying centers are equipped with modern printing equipment of the world's best manufacturers, where highly qualified specialists of the company will execute printing any kind of complexity in the shortest possible time. Apart from printing ordinary photos on paper, you can also order large format printing on banners, posters, calendars and postcards, as well as applying a photo image onto various souvenirs. Moreover, "Kopirka" company provides a full range of related services - brushing and photo correction, changing the background, duplicating and reproducing photos, changing the color balance, etc.

You can order express photo printing of any format in any of "Kopirka" centers network. Apart from this, you can order photo printing on the website: order now and tomorrow you will receive ready-made photos in the most convenient place for you in any area of Moscow.

Company’s service centers are located in all districts of the capital within walking distance from most metro stations. "Kopirka" copy center will always provide you with the highest quality professional services.

"Kopirka" - the maximum quality at the lowest price!

Development of a business card layout

Name of service Cost
Simple design
(layout of text information)
Medium design
(layout of text information + logo in electronic form)
Complex design
(layout of text information + scanning, completion of the logo)
from 550rub*
Logo drawing from 600rub*

*the price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity of the work