Today, every company that respects itself and its customers strives to form its corporate style. Signs, plates, outdoor advertising on the facade are its indispensable attribute. Plates carry out various functions – here there are both informing the visitor about the company, and part of the image, as well as the symbol of success. To date, the range of such products is very large, and the buyer is simply lost, not knowing what to choose, which company to entrust the development of design and manufacture. At the “Kopirka” copy center, you will be offered a huge number of options, differing in price, quality, service life, base material.ы.

Progress does not stand still, and this also applies to the technology of manufacturing plates – for example, for printing, high-precision laser, engraving-milling and printing machines are used, and the assortment of material for the base is constantly expanding.

In recent years, the rule of good form has become not only the use of signs on the facade, but also office signs. They will help not only employees, but also, and more importantly, customers to navigate the tangled corridors of large offices. Most often, these plates are made of plastic and secured with double-sided adhesive tape. However, sometimes more expensive material is used to emphasize the particular style and level of the company, as well as its success and financial stability.