Service cost

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А3 (Vertical) 440 rub. Order online
А3 (Horizontal) 440 rub. Order online
А2 (Vertical) 760 rub. Order online
А2 (Horizontal) 760 rub. Order online
А1 (Vertical) 1 290 rub. Order online
А1 (Horizontal) 1 290 rub. Order online

Foam board rolling

Format Price at 5mm Price at 10mm
А3 490 rub. 590 rub.
А2 850 rub. 1030 rub.
А1 1450 rub. 1890 rub.
А0 2550 rub. 3050 rub.
140*100sm 2990 rub. 3600 rub.
  • Production time : of up to 10pcs: one day, of more than 10pcs: 2 business days.
  • Express production: 3 hours. Express production increases the cost by 100%.
  • Printing on self-adhesive film is included.
  • Foam board of two types is used: 5mm and 10mm.
  • Examples of works:
  • When ordering foam board larger than that of the A0 format, the products are delivered by the customer himself or by our company (delivery cost is 1,500 rubles)
Цветность Number of copies/price
50 pcs. 100 pcs. 200 pcs. 300 pcs. 500 pcs. 1000 pcs. 2000 pcs. 3000 pcs.
350 rub. 420 rub. 620 rub. 800 rub. 1200 rub. 2200 rub. 4100 rub. 8500 rub.
One side is colored
another one is black-and-white
420 rub. 504 rub. 744 rub. 960 rub. 1440 rub. 2640 rub. 4920 rub. 10200 rub.
455 rub. 546 rub. 806 rub. 1040 rub. 1560 rub. 2860 rub. 5330 rub. 11050 rub.

Kopirka provides services for the application of images to the foam board. You can order printing on foam board according to your own layouts, and if necessary, our designers will help you to make a layout. Images and photographs on foam board have become a modern trend in the interior design. The peculiarity of this method of decorating the room is that there is no need to frame the finished image, and it can be used as decoration elements in apartments, cafes, restaurants, as well as other residential and public buildings. In addition, such paintings on foam board will be durable and wear-resistant.

Order rolling images onto foam board in the network of copy shops Kopirka!