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Color printing (on paper, photo paper)

Format Paper type
Normal (80gr) Matte (85gr) Glossy (235gr) Self-adhesive (85gr)
Print Copy* Print Copy* Print Copy* Print Copy*
А2 185 rub. 350 rub. 490 rub. 760 rub. 545 rub. 780 rub. 695 rub. 995 rub.
А1 285 rub. 475 rub. 690 rub. 1095 790 rub. 1210 rub. 1020 rub. 1410 rub.
А0 535 rub. 650 rub. 1400 rub. 2000 rub. 1600 rub. 2120 rub. 2005 rub. 2585 rub.
1 lin.metr 730 rub. 840 rub. 1945 rub. 2250 rub. 2185 rub. 2720 rub. 2785 rub. 3340 rub.
Colours Number of copies/price
50 pcs. 100 pcs. 200 pcs. 300 pcs. 500 pcs. 1000 pcs. 2000 pcs. 3000 pcs.
350 rub. 420 rub. 620 rub. 800 rub. 1200 rub. 2200 rub. 4100 rub. 8500 rub.
second coloured,
another b/w
420 rub. 504 rub. 744 rub. 960 rub. 1440 rub. 2640 rub. 4920 rub. 10200 rub.
455 rub. 546 rub. 806 rub. 1040 rub. 1560 rub. 2860 rub. 5330 rub. 11050 rub.

Color large format printing has become quite popular nowadays, as people want to bring bright colors into their lives and decorate the living and working space with unique high-quality photo wallpapers, place their favorite large format photos, or simply install design modules with elegant images.

A network of copy shops Kopirka can help you. We provide color large format printing services on various types of paper: plain (the easiest and most affordable option), matte (suitable for discreet design), glossy (glossy colors, as you know, look even brighter) and self-adhesive (wide format printing on self-adhesive paper can be used as photo wallpapers). We also print banners for advertisements (including special inks for outdoor use) and rolling on foam board (you choose the thickness yourself). A1, A2 and A0 formats are available. An important detail: when you fill the image by more than 50%, the cost of the order is doubled.

Printing large formats is our main area of competence. We produce A1, A2 and A0 printing, and, if necessary, you can always make an express order. You can order high-quality printing both by original images from digital media and by available templates. The deadline, depending on the complexity, material and volume, is only 1-2 days.