Copying documents (photocopy) is the process of making duplicates of the material provided. All centers have professional equipment making color and black-and-white printing up to A3 format. High-performance Xerox equipment allows us to make copies in the required quantity in several minutes.

Here you can read the information about copy shops that perform large format printing up to A0 format.

Our qualified staff will provide printing and copying services quickly and efficiently!

Service cost

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Black and white

Paper format Number of copies
1-50 pcs. 51-300 pcs. 301-500 pcs. 501-1000 pcs. от 1000 pcs.
A4 12 rub. 8 rub. 6 rub. 3.5 rub. 2,6 rub.
A3 20 rub. 13 rub. 9 rub. 8 rub. 4,8 rub.


Paper format Number of copies
1-50 pcs. 51-300 pcs. 301-500 pcs. 501-1000 pcs. от 1000 pcs.
А4 38 rub. 23 rub. 19 rub. 17 rub. 16 rub.
А3 69 rub. 40 rub. 35 rub. 33 rub. 30 rub.
Surcharge for denser, designer paper
    Additional services:
  • Paper density 80 g/m2
  • Cost doubles with more than 50% filling.
  • When copying from books, passports and other stitched originals, the cost of one copy increases by: А4 (210х297) +5 rub., А3 (297х420) +10 rub
  • Two-sided copying and printing increases the cost of one copy twice.
  • When scaling the cost of a copy increases by 10 rubles.


Paper density Number of copies
1-50 pcs. 51-300 pcs. 301-500 pcs. 501-1000 pcs. от 1000 pcs.
А4 120g/m2(Matte) 45 rub. 30 rub. 27 rub. 24 rub. 23 rub.
170g/м2(Glossy) 49 rub. 32 rub. 29 rub. 26 rub. 25 rub.
200g/м2(Matte) 52 rub. 36 rub. 31 rub. 30 rub. 29 rub.
300g/м2(Matte) 62 rub. 48 rub. 45 rub. 44 rub. 43 rub.
А3 120g/м2(Matte) 80 rub. 5 rub. 45 rub. 43 rub. 41 rub.
170g/м2(Glossy) 86 rub. 60 rub. 55 rub. 49 rub. 47 rub.
200g/м2(Matte) 95 rub. 69 rub. 65 rub. 60 rub. 56 rub.
300g/м2(Matte) 123 rub. 94 rub. 88 rub. 86 rub. 84 rub.
Доплата за более плотную, дизайнерскую бумагу
We do not print on customer’s paper.

Copying documents is one of the main services of our center. In our business world, this service is a must. Very often, people need to perform this operation urgently. We are always happy to help you with this. “Kopirka” solves these problems, owing to the large number of our offices located in close proximity to the metro stations. All our offices are equipped with professional equipment and are capable of prompt executing both retail orders and wholesale. The service is provided on Xerox equipment (the world’s leading manufacturer of special machinery), so the printing quality is unsurpassed.

Our experts guarantee the confidentiality of your information. We also copy bookkeeping, legal documents and other important materials. Considering the fact that this service is carried out on modern high-tech equipment, we can fulfill any, even large and complex order in the shortest possible time, and satisfy the client with excellent quality and perfect results. The capacities of the equipment that we have are unlimited, therefore, apart from printing, you can order scaling images and texts with good clarity. Consumables fully meet the requirements of equipment manufacturers - this fact is of great importance in this service sector.

Our equipment allows us to replicate various documents in the shortest possible time: leaflets, maps, brochures, posters and drawings. Even if the source is in poor condition, our equipment will be able to copy it, displaying all the important fragments and transfer them in a normal form. Executing large order in large volumes is one of our main tasks. Black and white copying is done at speeds up to 80 pages per minute, and color one - up to 50 pages, and the quantity does not affect the quality.

Разработка макета визитной карты

Наименование услуги Стоимость
Дизайн простой
(верстка текстовой информации)
Дизайн средний
(верстка текстовой информации + логотип в электронном виде)
Дизайн сложный
(верстка текстовой информации + сканирование, доработка логотипа)
от 550р*
Отрисовка логотипа от 600р*

* цена обговаривается с сотрудником и зависит от сложности работы