In the modern world, importance of visual perception is as high as never before, which means that as the owner of a business, it is extremely important to provide yourself with a good base of POS materials that will ensure the recognition of your company and its promotion. Leaflets, booklets, flyers, stickers, calendars, postcards, notebooks and letterheads - all this is an integral part of the printing industry, vital for a serious and developing company.

“Kopirka” network of copy centers provides all types of printing services and focuses on the efficiency of order execution. You can leave a request and receive printed materials in your hands in any volume within 1-5 business days. There is an online order option. You just need to provide us with ready-made layouts for printing, and if you don’t have any, our designers will gladly make them for you. At the same time, despite the high speed of work, we guarantee the excellent quality of the manufactured goods.

“Kopirka” – any operational printing of high quality, implemented on time.