The Company was founded in 2003 and has been providing high-quality printing services, as well as design services, souvenir manufacturing and many other services for 15 years.

Today, the copying center “Kopirka” is:

300+ employees

Over 100 offices

Over 600,000 customers

We cover almost the entire territory of the city. A feature of our copy centers is their location in the immediate vicinity of the main metro stations. Due to this, corporate and private clients have convenient access to high-quality printing services of the widest range. Each office of the company is at the same time a copy center, mini-printing house and photo studio. Here you will be offered truly high-quality services.

Our success is not only related to the quality of work, it also depends closely on our attitude and approach to customers.

Attention to detail

We are 100% committed to our work and we are doing everything we need to ensure that our products and services attain maximum quality.

Love to work

Our desire to provide services in the best way comes from the depths – this is what allows us to take on every new project full of energy and enthusiasm.


Although over the years we have accumulated a large bundle of knowledge and experience, we always listen and understand customer reviews

We have the most modern equipment, qualified professionals with extensive experience. It is easy to find us, as all our offices are located right near the metro stations (about 15-50 meters from stations).

For your convenience, most of our offices are open from 9 to 21. Whatever you order – you will always be offered high quality, prompt performance and high service.

It is possible to provide services on an urgent basis and online. Now, without leaving your home or office, you can order a service and pick up your order in the nearest office, or we will deliver it to you by courier.