Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a delivery?
Yes, we have our own delivery. We deliver in Moscow. You can find details in thedelivery by couriersection.
What are your working hours?
A number of salons, as well as our production office works around the clock. You can find more detail about the work of each office by clicking the link.
Do you work on a cashless basis?
Yes, we work on a cashless basis with VAT.
Can I quickly repeat the order after some time?
Yes of course. When ordering online, your layouts will be stored in your personal account, so you can return to any of them and repeat the order, having re-paid it even without registration.
What is the DPI and image size?
Dpi (English – dots per inch) – this is the resolution of the image when printing it. A coefficient representing how many pixels will be printed in one inch of the image. When you know the actual paper size and print resolution, you can calculate the image resolution that is suitable for optimum print quality..

For example, the final size of a photograph in centimeters is known: 20cm x 30cm and dpi = 200.

Let’s calculate:
  • for a width of 20cm: (20 / 2.54) * 200 = 1,574 dots (pixels);
  • for a height of 30cm: (30 / 2.54) * 200 = 2,362 dots (pixels).
It turns out that the optimal pixel resolution for printing photos of these sizes will be 1600x2400. If the resolution of the shot is greater or less, the program automatically brings the image to the desired size. However, it can be done without loss of quality only if the resolution is greater.
What is 4 + 0?
Let’s consider the simplest options. There are five of them: 1+0, 1+1, 4+0, 4+4, 4+1. These numbers indicate chromaticity. In the manufacture of business cards, when using digital printing, it is possible to print in black (1) or full-color printing in four colors (4). The numbers are indicated by the + sign for the front and back side, respectively. For digital printing: 4 – full color printing, 1 – printing in black, 0 – no printing. Please note that printing in one color, which is different from black, is considered color printing.

  • 4+1 means color printing on one side and monochrome printing on the reverse;
  • 1+0 means single-sided printing in black.
What is the difference between digital and offset printing?
Offset printing allows you to receive, perhaps, the highest quality products. In fact, in this way you can reproduce any idea, any color shade on paper. Offset is good when you need to print relatively large circulations (from 500 copies on A3 and 1,000 copies on A1). The unit cost will decrease with increasing circulation. Small circulation printing in an offset way is unprofitable. Digital printing fixes this conditional flaw in offset. The advantages of digital printing are that you receive finished products as soon as possible, and there is the possibility of making changes to each copy. Digital printing is made on the same materials as offset: all types of paper, self-adhesive, tracing paper, film.
What is Pantone?
The pantone color model is a widely used standardized color matching system. This is a recognized standard in the field of offset printing and publishing. Pantone color is a specially developed ready-made color, which is obtained by mixing the base colors in exactly the specified proportions, including gold and silver. There is a catalog in which all the colors of the pantones are numbered, and you can choose the most suitable for you. Using the pantone is convenient when using a corporate color, because it is constant and does not change. That is why in the process of printing the developed pantone is used as one ink, and not four, which twice reduces the cost of printing when it is used.
What is digital printing?
This is the manufacture of mass-production print products using the “digital” equipment. Digital equipment means devices printing directly from electronic files received from workstations and using not the offset technology, but the direct ink technology, as well as in printers and risographs. It would be more correct to call this method of printing “printing without the use of tangible printing plates”..
What is the standard size of a business card?
In Russia, the standard size of a business card is 90x50 mm.
Is a *.cdr file suitable for making a business card?
Layouts created in Corel Draw – CDR, EPS formats will be accepted.
Can I pay for the order upon receipt?
No, orders are processed only after 100% payment. The exception is wholesale orders, for more details:
How to place an order or send a request for payment?
You can make a request in any way convenient for you: All incoming applications are immediately transferred to the commercial department and processed. Leaving the application, you can be sure that no request remains unanswered.
Where can I pick up an order?
You can pick up your order on your own at any of our offices..n addition to self-pickup, you can also use the «courier delivery» service by preliminary marking it in the order or agreeing thereupon with the personal manager.

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