To order goods, perform the following several actions:

1. Selection of service to order online

Select the section concerned from the menu. Check out the assortment and select the desired product by clicking on the "Order Online" button.

Page will display the goods with an assortment of designs and characteristics filters that will narrow your search and make a choice.

Complete list of products is also available for online ordering in the "Order Online" menu section.

2. Product editor

The product editor page will be displayed after selection of a product with your favourite design. Make the required changes: add or change the text, upload your photo, change the product colour, etc. or develop own design if an empty template is selected.

After introduced changes, click the "Next" button. If the product has a downside, the editor will offer several designs to choose from or leave the blank side. When choosing the backside design, the editor page will be displayed again to make changes.

If empty side is selected, preview page of created product will be displayed. Carefully read the information and check correctness of entered data and design. Confirm by ticking and clicking "Next".

3. Put the product in the basket

Next, page with additional product parameters will be displayed. It will be possible to change some parameters (for example, the product colour), specify additional parameters (for example, T-shirt size), and indicate the quantity and terms of order execution. In addition, the total cost will be displayed here. As soon as you click the "Order" button, you will automatically go to the basket.

4. Basket

At this stage, you can continue shopping by going to the desired section of the menu. In this section, you can make changes to the order and choose the execution of the order: standard or urgent. Here you can also activate the discount using the coupon number or discount card. 

Please note that you will be notified by SMS about the receipt of the order at the pick-up point.

5. Order placement

To proceed to order placement, click the "Place an order" button and go through 4 stages:

1. Contact information. Be sure to fill in the fields marked with an asterisk *. Check the box "I accept the terms of the policy for processing personal data" and click "Next".

2. Receipt. There are two ways to get the finished goods. The first is pickup. Our points of delivery are located near the underground just choose a convenient station.

The second is courier delivery. Indicate the address and, if necessary, a comment. Please note "Courier delivery is carried out only within MRHW". Click "Next" to proceed to payment.

3. Confirmation. Here will be a description of the order of your product with selected parameters and total cost.

4. Payment. Choose a payment method convenient for you: by credit card or using Yandex.Money service. If you chose to pay by credit card, fill in the required fields and click the "Pay" button. More details can be found on the page "Order Payment"