To make private browsing more convenient, cookies are used on this web-site. They store all the useful data in the memory of your personal computer. Thanks to these files, the web-site starts to work faster and more correctly. By accessing this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

General information

Cookies are small files that temporarily store information used by the Internet browser. Saving data is made in a separate folder located on the hard disk of the computer. Cookies do not contain confidential information relating to the user, they are necessary only for the proper operation of web-sites. Cookies may contain an individual identification number that is randomly generated. This number guarantees complete anonymity of the file. As a rule, cookies are stored on the computer for a long time, however, there are also those that are deleted automatically from the computer after leaving the web-site.

What information is contained in cookies?

There is no personal data in the cookie files or information about the device on which they are stored. Cookies are used to improve the web-site. For example, they may contain all the data on the viewed goods. Cookies can memorize each entry to a specific web-site from the same PC, the information entered on the keyboard, the login and password. Thus, these files help users save some time to fill out forms on different online resources.

For how long are cookies stored on my device?

All cookies can be divided into two types:

  1. Session files. They are stored in memory directly during the transition to the web-site. After the user leaves this Internet resource, the corresponding cookies are deleted.
  2. Permanent files. They are stored on the device even after closing the tab with the web-site. Their shelf life depends on the destination. Many companies use cookies in order to analyze the effectiveness of advertising. According to them, it is possible to judge how much a user has been on the web-site, to what product his attention was paid, which sections of the resource he studied the longest. Based on the data obtained, an optimal list of recommendations for a specific user is formed.

Information sharing

Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics technologies are used to analyze the behavior of visitors to this web-site. Thanks to them, they manage to collect anonymous data that is used only for marketing purposes in the future. Cookies are used to store such information. According to this data it is impossible to establish the identity of a particular user.

Any Internet user can easily disable the use of cookies for search engines such as Google and Yandex.

In order to disable Google Analytics, you will need to either use a special blocker or set up Google advertising preferences manager.

Cookie settings in the Internet browser

The setting and storage of cookies is the responsibility of the Internet browser you use. File settings can be done at any time. The settings are familiar to many experienced web users. For people who first encountered this, there is a help button in every browser. If clicking on it, you can find a detailed answer to your question.

Below are links to the main pages of browsers: Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer. For Opera, data similar to Google Chrome apply.

It should be noted that innovations do not affect the existing cookie files. Using the special button located in the settings, the information contained in cookies can be completely deleted. Each Web user has the right to decide for himself whether he needs the appropriate files or not. But do not forget that disabling cookies can contribute to the malfunction of many web-sites. On some Internet resources, the user will also not be able to access any services, to order goods.